Amicis Aged Care - Services

Which services will allow you to live life to the fullest?

We all want something different out of life. That’s why the services you need to stay independent and live life the way you want should be chosen to meet your individual needs.

From the range of services below, we’ll help tailor a Home Care Package to your needs, so you can continue to thrive and enjoy every day.

Smiling senior businessman . Portrait. Close up.
Smiling senior businessman . Portrait. Close up.

Stay healthy

Staying healthy can be a challenge as you age. Amicis can help you tailor your Home Care Package with services that keep you healthy, active and feeling great.

An elderly woman smiling in a restaurant

Personal services

Maintain your personal hygiene and stay looking good with bathing showering, personal hygiene, grooming, dressing and undressing, toileting, mobility and transfers.

Our services - nursing

At home nursing

Treat and monitor your medical conditions including management of skin integrity, continence management and clinical care.

Our services - podiatry

Care management

Includes ongoing assessment and planning undertaken on at least a monthly basis to ensure that the care recipient receives the care and services they need.

An aged care worker bringing groceries to an elderly man

Activities to support daily living

Personal assistance including individual attention, individual supervision and physical assistance, nutrition, hydration, meal preparation and diet.


Stay safe and independent

There’s no place like home. Being independent and staying comfortable and safe at home is often key to health and happiness.

Our services - laundry

Jobs around the house

Cleaning, laundry, and jobs to keep your home nice.

Home and garden maintenance

Keep your home safe, and your garden looked after.

Our services - home maintenance

Home modifications

Maintain or improve your mobility and safety at home.

Our services - life assistance

Aids to independence

Help with walking, communicating, reading and beds.


Stay connected

At Amicis, we understand ‘home’ is much more than the house where you live. It’s about connecting to your community, catching up with neighbours, and accessing all the support you need from the best available providers.

Elderly African woman looking out a car window


Get to appointments, the shops and other community activities.

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Social outings and visits

Stay social and part of your community.



Home Care Packages need to be flexible to meet your needs. But there may be other care and services that can help you stay healthy and happy at home.

With our help, we can work out if care or a service is what you need:

  • Is directly linked to your identified care needs and goals
  • Will improve your health and wellbeing
  • Is necessary for you to remain living safely and independently in your home
  • Can be delivered within your Home Care Package budget
  • Would be considered an acceptable use of government funds

A Home Care Package is designed to be used for, or to replace care and services you can access through other health programs you may be eligible for. You should continue accessing these through your GP and hospitals if and when needed.

The Quality of Care Principles 2014 lists those care and services that must not be included in the package. These are always excluded; even if they may advance the care recipient’s assessed ageing related care needs and goals, as they are not aligned to the intent and scope of the HCP Program.

The following items must not be included in a package of care and services under the HCP Program

  • Services, goods or supports that people are expected to cover out of their general income throughout their life regardless of age
  • Accommodation costs
  • Payment of home care fees
  • Payment of fees or charges for care or services funded or jointly funded by the Australian Government
  • Payment for services and items covered by the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) or the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) (or items that should be considered for funding through these schemes)
  • Provision of cash debit cards or like payments to care recipients for any purpose

For the full list of exclusions please see

Get started to stay independent