Amicis Aged Care - How it works

Support to keep you happy and healthy at home

If you're ready to get started with aged care at home, there are a few simple steps before services can commence that we've detailed below. If you have a question or aren't sure where to begin, call us for a chat. We'll walk you through the process from getting assessed, through to planning and starting your services with Amicis.

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Three steps to get started

1. Apply and assessment

If you’re eligible, you can apply and get assessed.

2. Meet your provider

Once approved, you choose a provider, like Amicis.

3. Plan and start your service

Design your plan together and start your services.

Step one
Apply and assessment

If you meet the criteria, you can contact My Aged Care and apply for an assessment online or by calling 1800 200 422.

If your application is approved, it’s time to arrange an assessment. This won’t be done online! An assessor will come to you.

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Step two
Meet with us

After you’ve been assessed and approved, you will receive a referral code. Get in touch with us and we’ll organise a time to meet with you. Our friendly staff are on hand to help you with all the questions you may have and guide you through the sign-up process.

Once you’ve decided to choose Amicis, we’ll arrange a time to meet so we can get to know you and understand what you want out of life. Then we can begin to discuss the support services you can access to make that happen.

Portrait of a senior man in the backyard of home

Step three
Plan and start your services

After we’ve met with you, got a good understanding of your needs and goals, and taken you through the selection of services, we’ll design the Home Care Package that will outline the services you need to meet the goals you’ve set, and help you stay independent.

When you are happy with the plan and supports and have signed the homecare agreement, your home care services can begin. We even help you manage it all.

And if, once it’s started, you feel the plan needs improvement or change, we’ll happily look at it with you and make sure it’s right for you. Please speak with your care manager about any changes you wish to make or any feedback you have about your plan. You can make changes as often as you like.


What types of Home Care packages are there?

We say it’s not just about independence, it’s about who you are. Everyone’s needs are different, that’s why there are four levels of home care package with varying amounts of funding - covering basic support to high care needs.

To get the most out of life, you need to get the most out of your package. We’ll work with you to choose the right services for you. If your needs change, we will support you to reapply for a reassessment of your package level.

Level of
care needs
Level 1Basic care needs$10,271.10
a year
Level 2Low care needs$18,063.85
a year
Level 3Intermediate care needs$39,310.50
a year
Level 4High care needs

a year


What are the prices?

Different services are charged at different prices. It’s important to understand how much each service costs. Here is a breakdown of different rates for various services.

Amicis pricing schedule

Service Duration Weekday
(6pm – 11pm)
Saturday Sunday Public Holiday
Personal care, social support, respite 1 hour $60 $67.50 $90 $120 $150
Nursing 1 hour $80 $90 $120 $160 $200
Allied health** 1 hour First visit $270 Subsequent visits $136*** * * * *
Domestic assistance 1 hour $53 $60 $79.50 $106 $132.50
Light gardening 1 hour $55 $62 $82.50 $110 $137.50
Equipment / consumables – at cost

*We don’t provide this service type during these hours, but if you would like a quote, please contact us.
**Allied Health includes physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech pathology, social work, dietetics and exercise physiology.
*** The minimum service charge is 60 minutes and will be billed in 15-minute blocks thereafter.
Time includes both in-home service delivery and out-of-home follow up.


What will it cost me?

When you are assigned your Home Care Package Services Australia will have asked you to undertake a means assessment, this is conducted by the Department. They will advise you if you must pay an income tested fee.

We charge 12% Package Management fee and 23% Care Management fee.


Care Management and Package Management

What’s the difference?

Our Care Management and Package Management Services are designed to help you get the best care and the most out of your Home Care Package.

The difference is in the services we can provide you and the fees you are charged.

Care Management is a fixed daily charge which covers the cost of supporting you in managing your services. This includes:
• Coordinating and scheduling services
• Regular care plan reviews
• Updating documentation
• Periodic reviewing of services to make sure care is safe and appropriate

Package Management is a fixed daily charge which covers the cost of providing a package of care and services. This includes:
• Compliance and quality assurance activities
• Managing the financial aspects of your package, such as paying invoices

Management fees: Like all providers, Amicis breaks down our fees into Care Management and Package Management. When the cost of these two services is added up, this is what you will be charged.

Self-managed Level 1
Cost per week
Level 2
Cost per week
Level 3
Cost per week
Level 4
Cost per week
Administration fee
The amount charged to administer your package funds
2% $3.95 $6.95 $15.12 $22.93
Care management
The amount charged to your package for a registered nurse to design your care plan and a care manager to do the initial set up of your care team
10% $19.75 $34.75 $75.62 $114.63
Total 12% $23.70 $41.70 $90.74 $137.55
Provider-managed Level 1
Cost per week
Level 2
Cost per week
Level 3
Cost per week
Level 4
Cost per week
Administration fee
The amount charged to administer your package funds
2% $3.95 $6.95 $15.12 $22.93
Care management inc clinical monitoring
The amount charged to your package for a registered nurse to design your care plan and a care manager to co-ordinate your care and a registered nurse to monitor your care
21% $41.48 $72.97 $158.79 $240.72
Total 23% $45.43 $79.92 $173.92 $263.65

Cancellation Policy: Please provide 24 hours’ notice to avoid a cancellation charge.
Travel costs: $2/km when our staff are transporting you.

Let's get started

The first thing we need to do is have a chat and hear about you, what you want your life to look like now and into the future. We can do it in person at your home, or online if that's easier for you.



The time it takes to get a Home Care Package after you’ve been assessed as eligible, depends on what package level you qualify for.

How urgent your need is for these services can also impact how long it may take. If you have higher or more pressing needs, you’ll be prioritised to receive services.

If you have a medium priority, the expected wait times for an approved Home Care Package are:

Package levelApproximate wait time
Level 1Less than 1 month
Level 23 – 6 months
Level 36 – 9  months
Level 41 – 3  months

* Last revised 31 October 2023

We welcome your feedback, and we want to work with you when things go wrong.

You can contact your care manager, our client support team on 1800 920 111 or email us at

If you need support to raise your issue or concern the Australian Government funds free advocacy services, in each State and Territory. These services are listed below in the Advocacy FAQ, should you need to contact them for support or guidance. Staff will provide you with the ‘Do you have a concern or complaint?’ brochure from the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission, in a language that you require if available (available in 25 languages).

Everyone who works on the Mobility platform must first satisfy appropriate safety checks, as well as have their documents, certificates and insurances verified by our team.

When people apply to be workers on Mobility, we check and verify the following:

  • Police check
  • A valid full driver’s license for assisted transport
  • Working with children check – if working with children
  • Vehicle registration
  • Upload of all certifications and qualifications like a Certificate 111 in aged care that we verify
  • VEVO check, or the right to work in Australia

The Mobility platform has the following safety features:

  • Live tracking on bookings
  • Geotagged timesheets that can be shared with family and friends

Your safety is our number one priority – Mobility has strict safety criteria and detailed checks on all workers so that you can feel comfortable. We understand the need for peace of mind for both you and your loved ones when it comes to booking support work and care. With Mobility you can expect reliability, safety, and ease.

When you book on Mobility, you hire someone who has fulfilled background checks, including:

  • Police checks
  • Working with children checks (where relevant)
  • Verified ID
  • Valid vehicle registration
  • Qualification and certification checks
  • Right to work in Australia checks (VEVO check)
  • Plus a reference check

We’ve gone above and beyond to implement extensive checks and verification of accounts, along with mandatory training for workers on Mobility.

There are eight free training modules that have been created specifically for workers on Mobility. These are:

  • Introduction to Home Care
  • Introduction to Disability Care
  • Supporting People to Stay Infection Free
  • Supporting People at Mealtimes
  • Supporting People to Take Their Medication
  • Supporting Choice and Control
  • Supporting People to Move
  • Supporting People to Communicate

Geotagged timesheets are required by law in some countries and Mobility is proud to be the first Australian app, in home care, to implement technology where you can see your worker on their way and arriving at your door.

You can link family and friends to your account, so they’ll be able to see who’s with you and your schedule.

Location and time stamps are recorded for every job.

Yes. There are a variety of ways you can get support to either apply for government-funded services or manage your own services.

To apply for government funding, a family member, friend or carer can help you to apply, complete the application and/or speak on your behalf. They can use My Aged Care online or phone 1800 200 422.

If you are wanting someone to speak and act on your behalf in an ongoing capacity, you can appoint a representative with My Aged Care. The person you choose could be a:

  • Family member
  • Friend
  • Carer
  • Advocate
  • Health professional
  • Service provider

If you wish to leave Amicis, please advise your care manager. We will assist you to find a new provider and transition to this new provider, ensuring there is no disruption in your care and services.

New South Wales
The Aged-Care Rights Service
Address: Level 4, 418A Elizabeth Street Surry Hills NSW 2010
Phone: 02 9281 3600 or 1800 424 079 (free call)

Elder Rights Advocacy
Address: Level 2 85 Queen Street MELBOURNE VIC 3000
Phone: 03 9602 3066 or 1800 700 600 (free call)

Aged & Disability Advocacy Australia
Adress: Brisbane (Head office) 121 Copperfield Street Geebung QLD 4034
Toll-free phone: 1800 818 338
Phone: 07 3637 6000
Fax: 07 3637 6001

South Australia
Aged Rights Advocacy Service Inc.
Address: 16 Hutt Street (PO Box 7234) Adelaide SA 5000
Toll-free: 1800 700 600
Phone: 08 8232 5377

Western Australia
Advocare Inc.
Address: The Perron Centre 61 Kitchener Avenue Victoria Park WA 6100
Toll-free phone: 1800 655 566
Phone: 08 9479 7566

Tasmania Inc
Address: PO Box 426 Sandy Bay TAS 7006 
Phone: 03 6224 2240

Northern Territory Darwin:
Darwin Community Legal Service Aged/Disability Rights
Address: 8 Manton Street (GPO Box 3180) Darwin NT 0801
Phone: 08 8982 1111

Alice Springs
CatholicCare NT
Address: 6 Hartley Street Alice Springs NT 0871
Phone: 08 8958 2400

Australian Capital Territory
Disability, Aged and Carer Advocacy Service (ADACAS)
Address: Unit 14/6 Gritten Street Weston Community Hub Weston Creek ACT 261
Postal: PO Box 3167, Weston Creek ACT 2611
Phone: 02 6242 5060