Life, just the way you want it

Amicis Aged Care at home

Two elderly friends sitting on their porch enjoying a cup of tea

We’re here to keep you connected to the things that matter to you - your home, your neighbourhood and the connections you’ve built over a lifetime. Feeling at home, comfortable and confident in the safety of your surroundings keeps you independent and helps create a better quality of life.

Two elderly friends sitting on their porch enjoying a cup of tea

About us

It’s more than independence. It’s who you are.

We know that age doesn’t define you. You’re the person you’ve always been. Who says we can’t keep doing the things we love and still have some fun and happiness along the way?

We certainly don’t. It’s about living life on your terms. As an at-home aged care provider, we know your independence and control mean everything. You need to make your own decisions about your own life, just like you’ve always done.

We have the services to keep you healthy and independent, stay safe and happy at home, and be connected to your community.

Elderly woman outside in yellow jumper smiling

We understand what independence means to you

It’s not just about what services we can provide you, it’s how we provide them. Our focus on quality, backed by expertise and a genuinely personal touch, sets us apart.

Live life on your terms

We value your independence. You want to make your own decisions. After all, it’s your life. That’s why we work with you to help you achieve your goals. Our services bring you clinical care with a focus on health and wellness.

Our people are your people

We understand trust is essential. This is built on the relationship we build with you. We listen first to ensure you receive the right care for you and treat you as we would our own family.

We keep you connected to what matters to you

You shouldn’t have to leave your home, neighbourhood and the connections you’ve built just because you need a little more help. Feeling at home, comfortable and safe in your surroundings is the fuel that drives a better quality of life.

We see the person you’ve always been

We’re here to reframe ageing and aged care. We see the passion for life, the goals and aspirations, and the desire to continually learn and evolve. Nowhere does it say we can’t have fun and continue doing the things we love.


Our services

At Amicis, we’re focused on providing you with quality service. What this looks like is different for everyone. We want to see you for who you are. So, we start by listening to you and understanding your needs and what you want from life. From here, we put the right services in place from the right providers, so you can continue to live your life on your terms.

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Care to be healthy and happy

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Home help to be comfy and safe

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Stay connected to your community


Getting started to stay independent

Three simple steps

Get started to stay independent