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We know navigating aged care and Home Care Packages can be complex. That’s why we’re here to help.

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Amicis is located in every capital city, except for NT, so we have the services you need to look after your health and wellbeing and live a good life.

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Quality statement

We will provide you with safe, high-quality care, support and services. We will treat you with dignity and respect, so you maintain your identity. We will support you to make informed choices about your care and services, and to live the life you choose.

We will partner with you in ongoing assessment and planning that helps you get the care and services you need that support your age-related health needs. We will provide the services and supports for daily living that are important for your health and wellbeing and that enable you to do the things you want to do.

We will ensure you feel safe and are encouraged and supported to give feedback or, if needed, make a complaint. You will be engaged in processes to address your feedback and complaints, and appropriate action will be taken.

You will get quality care and services when you need them from people who are knowledgeable, capable, and caring. All of our staff must comply with the Aged Care Code of Conduct and if they don’t, we have systems in place to act promptly.

We will check with you that we are providing information and services that gives you confidence our organisation is well governed and operated. You can partner in improving the delivery of care and services by joining our Quality Care Advisory Body and Consumer Advisory Body or by becoming involved in short term co-design projects. If you would like to know more about our Quality Care Advisory Body and Consumer Advisory Body please speak to your Care Manager.

We will listen to you and communicate with you in a manner that is respectful, inclusive and acknowledges your individuality, choice, preferences, and goals. We will ask you who you want us to work with, so that your care and services are co-ordinated, and all members of your support team are kept informed and included.


















We embrace your feedback

If you’d like to tell us how we are going, please give us your feedback by calling your care manager; or emailing us at

Your rights and responsibilities are respected by the Charter of Aged Care Rights.

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All our staff comply with the Aged Care Code of Conduct.

"Choosing AMICIS has been amazing! Their team handles everything. It's such a relief to stay independent while receiving the support I need. Highly recommend!"

Benjamin L.

A happy AMICIS client